Friday, March 9, 2012


Back here in Maine we are still buried under a few feet of snow, and with a lot of snow comes.... really big snowmen? And snow blowing off your roof? You bet kids! Welcome to Northern Maine!!! Just again, laugh this should be really funny! We both laughed our heads off when we saw the snow blower on the roof. Still not sure how it got there, but man... makes light work of 2 feet of snow. The other picture is our path to our cars for the moment, and Surry of course, the snow is taller than her right now, but if you through a snowball into it, she will go find it! No joke!


We did get to go home for a very short visit, and we were extremely busy the whole time, it was crazy. I thought we would have so much down time! I was SO happy to see all my friends though. It was wonderful. And The best thing was we got to meet all the new babies!!! Adorable.

Myles and I came home from that trip and bought 4.5 cords of wood and a small used wood stove... which lead to a LOT of work :) We chopped all that wood and well, squirreled it all away literally. It is all over our house, that is the little stove we put in and wood to the right, ad that other picture, that is, or was our hallway... :) I know what you are thinking, wow they really turned into hillbillies, just you wait to see how we jimmy rigged that stove in... lol buckle up!

Yes, that goes right out the window. Just laugh it is so funny! Seriously.

We also went to Salem, MA on Halloween! It was so much fun I only wish we had gone a little earlier in the day, and had a little more time, but it may be trip we make again someday! Of course all the people were dressed up, this one gal looked just like a statue! Pretty cool.

WOW! I have really been slacking with this blog thing, I really like looking back through it and seeing all the good times. So here goes. Last October is probably a good place to start my mom and little bro Matt came out to Boston and we met them down there. GREAT place to visit by the way! It was a little cold, but really fun walking around.