Saturday, April 21, 2012

I probably shouldn't have, we have enough stuff to move, but look at this awesome chair!! It was built by the Amish! It is so comfortable!

And here it is today. Not to bad. He won't keep anything on it so it is so dry it keeps peeling... Oh well.

Here are the stitches.... and the nice bruise a few days after.

So this is old news cause Myles posted this on facebook, but he put a tool through his hand about three weeks ago, we had to stitch him up at home... for the second time. It healed nicely, without an infection thank goodness, we were worried only because of the tunnel through his hand, but thank goodness no complications. I will post pictures of his hand all healed up soon.

So it may be hard to see, cause it's a picture of a picture, but I am posting this for the Grandparents, just cause we are far away, I know they all look the same at this point, but oh well. He looks healthy, two kidneys, two lungs, good heart, brain, etc. etc.