Monday, August 9, 2010

Family heratige

Here are some beautiful pictures form the graveyard. We stopped on the way up here in a small town called Kingfield, Myles has a lot of heritage there. It was very special for us both to be there, really just hit home. It made us both really feel like we are meant to be here...


  1. that is so neat. Don't you love that feeling when you weren't quite sure if that's where you were supposed to be and then something like that happens and you think, "This is where we were mean't to be." Love it.
    Send me your address. I want to mail you your gift that I never got to give to you. Please?

  2. Ya it was really amazing. you don't really have to send anything. But in case you want to make a surprise visit anytime...hint hint... it is 1788 caribou rd. New Canada, ME 04743 oh and what is your email, I do not know if I have it still I lost that paper in the move.