Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I cannot even explain how beautiful the fall is! It is like someone is painting the trees, it is like christmas, when the put all those lights on the trees, and the tree is a different color, but it is during the day, here are some photos, I don't think they do any justice, it makes me want to buy a real camera, not a little digital pocket one! AMAZING! The mountains are red, orange, yellow, some green from the pines, but all the rest is hardwoods, like those maples in the fall that go deep deep red, like a burning bush, but huge trees!


  1. I am always homesick in the fall. If you move away from New England, you will be, too.

    You are right, it is indescribable to people who haven't experienced it themselves. And a vacation to tour the fall leaves just isn't the same as living the season from it's subtle beginning to it's snowy end.

    I know people think the Rocky Mountains are awe-inspiring, and they are. But nothing is as breathtaking as autumn in New England. The glory of the hills full of color, the sound of gentle breezes through the rustling leaves, cool, quiet nights that beg to be wrapped in a sweater, the fragrance that hangs in the air, and the gentle spirit of the earth getting ready for a peaceful, winter dream.

    When autumn is in the air, it is a magical time that fills all your senses. It is the season I look forward to all year long!

  2. That white house is like a dream. I want that house surrounded by those leaves. It's beautiful. Lucky you to be surrounded by such beauty!

  3. That house is right across the lake from us, and it is so beautiful!!! Mom- you should write a book or something, that was really very descriptive of the way it seems here!

  4. That's all I need... another project :-)

    I'm stealing your photos for my blog next week! Maybe I'll write a little about the differences between 'Fall' in the west and 'Autumn' in the east. Autumn..... said in hushed and reverent tones......

  5. Dad said that Fall in the west is like 3 sparklers at a 4th of July Celebration!

    Thought you would like that description, too!