Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ok so lately we have been carving "in the round" which means we hold the item we are carving in our hand. I think I made my instructor quite nervous as he warned me many timed to be careful, and about 20 min into the lesson, finally gave me a glove. which was helpful while I was there... just before leaving we sharpened our knives as this week is thanksgiving and we do not have lessons, so we wanted them to be good and sharp. Well, they are sharp, and I did not have a glove at home. so this is the result.... before I went to the hospital, and after I got 6 stitches... so which one do you think looks better? maybe I should have stitched it myself, probably would have except I can't handle the needles, myles held my hand the whole way through! Good sport! Beware if you have a weak stomach. oh and this is the knife that cut through my finger like butter :)

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  1. So is Myles buying you a glove for Christmas or are we?