Saturday, February 12, 2011

Maine vs Utah

So for all those of you who have been wondering is Maine really colder than Utah? Up until about The middle of January, I would have said absolutely not... and as for the snow, same story, we had a few bad storms, but nothing jaw dropping, again, up until the middle of January. Seems that is when old man winter really woke up. Pounded us with 16 inches...overnight, one night and then kept right on snowing all weekend. The Biathlon folks could not have been happier, till the temperatures dropped below zero.... way below, and this is Fahrenheit people not Celsius (so when it is zero degrees C is is still 32 degrees F). Needless to say, the games went on in -20F and I am sick as a dog, for the second time this year! If my memory serves me well, the last time I got so sick it knocked me off my feet was the winter after Myles and I first got married, so like winter of 2005! I saw on Facebook the other day one of my good friends posted the frost on her window, thought it was cute, so here are a few of our windows... :) I have to say it is so beautiful though!
I took that one of the cars after it dumped 16 inches on us overnight, I just happened to be at work... I barely made it out of the parking lot. That is my car's hood at the bottom of the photo, hard to see cause it's white, kinda blends in. That other car is parked across from me. Good snow removal, or NOT.


  1. Talk about some serious snow! I hope you get feeling better.

  2. Man I am so ready for summer to be here. But I can't complain because look at all that snow!
    I agree with you, Maine is probably colder than Utah.

  3. Ya it has been cold! The snow is actually nice, gives you something to do. Like snowshoe, and ski and sled! It makes winter, (when it's not -20 out) kinda fun!