Sunday, June 13, 2010


Here is what we have to look forward to...and here is the crazy we have been dealing with. So Myles and I have been trying to rent our house out right, well done. We have a great little family that will be moving in on the 25th of this month!!!! So... we have been moving all all weekend. Oh ya and that awesome truck we had....sold, oh, and all our other belongings, sold or given away as well. We are down to a desk, our bed 2 couches, and our car. Well that is exaggerating a little, but we have gotten rid of a good portion of our things, over half I would say. It is freeing in a way, you remember that they are jsut things and really I have not noticed much of what is gone yet. I should have taken a picture of the yard sale we held all weekend, it would have been hard to beat that weather....Ha ha ha, but we were sucessfull in getting rid of more things than we thought. So Just for Drew and Nat, Sorry I did not make the game this week, I didn't get your text untill about two on sat when I found my phone under a pile of stuff we had moved to my in-law's house, which is where we will be spending most of our time the next few months....


  1. Awww...I love the little shout out to us! Sounds like life to me. We understand. There were two games this week and it has just gotten crazy with everyones schedules. We understand. I really am getting sad that you're leaving though. Really. Is there anyway you'll reconsider?

  2. no worries, I'll be back and you will be a teacher by then and drew a nurse, so we you can teach my kids and my husband and I will work with drew :) it will be good times

  3. I remember my endless trips to DI when we were faux 'moving'. It is quite liberating to get rid of all the excess stuff that you can really live without quite easily. I wish you both nothing but the best of luck. I might have to put on my big girl pants and work a little more now (probably not) though. You will truly be missed at work.