Sunday, July 4, 2010

So I thought that week was crazy....

Well, I thought that week was crazy, I got about eight hours of sleep the next week, total! I was finishing moving while working 12 hour shifts. So I slept anywhere from an hour or two every night, so let me give you a little list of what went wrong. Dishwasher broke had to repair a hose, oven broke had to replace the whole thing, garage broke, Myles was summoned to jury duty, our main pipe in the house sprung a leak had to have the plumber repair it, and Myles and I were both working the whole week full time. So about 5 myles got home and had to start packing and moving I would get there around 7 and we would work until around at least 1am, do it all again the next day. Bad time for a Hawaii Vacation, but worth it, after I calmed down (which took a couple of days). After we got to Hawaii we got a call from the renters that our main pipe out back (sprinklers) was flooding the whole back yard.... finally got that done just a few days ago. Anyway but here are the photos of Hawaii, Kauai. It was amazing!!! the diving was great like always, not as much life as maui when we went there, but diving in general is just a great time!!! That is an Octopus by the way!!

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  1. Gorgeous! I love that trunk with a new tree baby sprouting right out of the middle! I haven't been to Kauai yet but it is on my short list.