Saturday, August 7, 2010

The MAINE adventure cont.

Ok so we just got internet, we have been here a week and four days and they just got it up and running. So sorry for the delay in all the photos and fun adventures we have been having. We have been out on the lake every day or night! it is beautiful, I think all together the lake is about 3/4 mile long and I don't know 200 yards across, so a small pond is what they call it here. I can see why around every corner there is a lake or a pond or a river or something it is A LOT of water. That is the side yard, down to the lake is about 60 yards or so. Surry loves the water now... she will just jump in off the dock and take a little swim around. we ahve to check her for leeches after her swim though... yuck!! She had a few after one particular night that we could not get her to stay out of the water. She jumped in off the canoe the first night we were here.... Myles paddled away from her and she was not super happy about that . haha!
These are the sunsets... an the sunrises are just as beautiful, some mornings after it has cooled over night I get up to find bright orange sunrises and fog floating over the lake, it is more beautiful that I can describe. The weather is wonderful, there have only been a couple of hot days the rest have been right around seventy with the humidity, it is perfect.

So some things we have found that we love so far........ There are these tiny shacks that people have in their yards, they sell fresh produce out of them... on the honor system, ten lbs of fresh potatoes $3.00, and you just put your money in the box! They are everywhere, it seems that every other house has one and a huge yard. here are a couple funny signs too...

Cross country skiing is HUGE here as is
snowmobiling, and four wheeling!

There are lots of moose, I have seen two so far, they say that they will become more active as the fall sets in.

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